We have a new one

For one year the Polo II G40 from AutoMuseum Volkswagen in Wolfsburg said hallo every morning to our guests and employees. Now we´ve swapped him. Our new object of covetousness is the one millionth Golf 1 (in America VW Rabbit), which was produced in 1976. A historical car!

This car is also from the vehicle pool of Stiftung AutoMuseum Volkswagen ( At that time the 4cylinders with 75 PS was the most popular car, where the whole family could travel with their luggage. Not for nothing there were built 1 Million in only 31 months from this classic car. This big seller named Type 17 was also available as a limousine with 4 doors and at the beginning of the eighties as a cabriolet.


Some pictures were uploaded on our Facebook-site. Or you can visit our specialists of Design, CAS/surface and Visualization and our piece of jewellery at our Studio in Wolfsburg