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(Deutsch) Virtuelles Studio Kalender 2023: free download

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(Deutsch) TISAX Zertifizierung erfolgreich erneuert

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(Deutsch) Virtuelles Studio Kalender 2022: free download

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(Deutsch) Virtuelles Studio auf Instagram

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(Deutsch) Zero-Emission-SUV – VW ID. ROOMZZ

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(Deutsch) Elektro-Rennwagen VW ID. R

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(Deutsch) Audi AI:ME

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(Deutsch) Der neue BMW X5

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(Deutsch) Audi Q4 e-tron

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Weihnachten heißt Freude schenken!

Also this year we will support a good cause at Christmas time. We have chosen the Wolfsburger Tafel e. V. Continue Reading

(Deutsch) Unsere “Bilderschmiede”

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We have a new one

For one year the Polo II G40 from AutoMuseum Volkswagen in Wolfsburg said hallo every morning to our guests and employees. Now we´ve swapped him. Our new object of covetousness is the one millionth Golf 1 (in America VW Rabbit), which was produced in 1976. A historical car!

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Cooperation treaty with MT Technologies GmbH

The Collaboration between both companies is official since 12. September. Mr. Pfister, Manager of MT Technologies GmbH, and our Manager Mr. Binder signed the cooperation treaty and are looking forward to the collaboration. Both firms don´t want to raise the own market value only, they want to offer their customers a clear added value.

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Premiere in Wolfsburg

Attending Automotive Launch Tour 2017 in Wolfsburg was a very special experience for our colleagues from Wolfsburg: They did not only have the chance to get first-hand insights into the latest improvements of the Alias software from the house of Autodesk but were also witnessing the launch of a brand new version of the VRED software ─ a real premiere and we were so to speak experiencing it live and for real. Continue Reading

Visit of Automotive Launch Tour 2017 in Munich

Virtuelles Studio GmbH has attended Autodesk’s Automotive Launch Tour 2017 in Munich and thereby has got a very good overview of current tools and product novelties from the house of Autodesk. Continue Reading

Virtual reality at record speed

Virtuelles Studio GmbH’s visit of FMX 2017 was a great stimulus for us to deal even more intensively with our VR goggles Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Many ideas and suggestions that we got from the event helped us to achieve our target. Continue Reading

500 are convinced

In order to provide our clients with detailed information about the company, Virtuelles Studio GmbH has presences in many different business networks, e.g. XING and LinkedIn. Yesterday we recorded our 500th follower on LinkedIn which makes us very proud. Continue Reading

Mecca of virtual reality: FMX 2017

Virtuelles Studio GmbH is continuously enhancing their competence in the matter of virtual reality. In order to get an overview of current novelties in this field we have visited FMX 2017 ─ an international trade fair for animation, VR, games and intermedia. Continue Reading

News from our visualization department

Photo-realistic renderings are our speciality and our latest project proves once more that we have an extraodinary expertise in this field. We have rendered a striking Audi Q7 and the harmonious interplay of light and shadow, a high-quality impression of the materials as well as refined reflections have made the rendering particularly realistic. Thereby we have created a vivid impression of the vehicle ─ so attractive that you would actually want to go on a ride with this car. Continue Reading

The inner values count

According to a well-known saying only the inner values count. This also applies to the automotive industry as the interior of a vehicle is of particular significance. However, the functionality of a car is just as important as the look and feel. In order to make sure that both aspects are met many experts work hand in hand to achieve the best result. Of course this was also the case during the development of the new MINI Countryman. Continue Reading

Modelling without borders

In the field of modelling, Virtuelles Studio GmbH has been using softwares like Maya or Rhino for many years in order to achieve high-quality results. Now we are going one step further. Continue Reading

Happy Easter!

We would like to wish our clients, business partners as well as employees and their families a happy Easter and joyful holidays! Continue Reading

Special feeling in our studio in Wolfsburg

Since yesterday we have a very special guest ─ a Polo II G40. Stiftung AutoMuseum Volkswagen in Wolfsburg has kindly provided the classic car as exhibit on loan and now it decorates the entrance area of our studio in Wolfsburg. As of now our clients and employees will be welcomed by this absolute eye-catcher. Continue Reading

Innovative Tools

Digital product development requires both a maximum expertise and also the usage of relevant high-performance tools. Keeping our technical equipment up to date at all times and sometimes having unconventional ideas in our minds, that is what characterizes Virtuelles Studio GmbH. And therefore we don’t only use a gaming computer, our VR glasses (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive) and standardized software systems (inter alia for our exclusive VR presentation area in our studio in Wolfsburg) but also open up the world of virtual reality for automotive industry with innovative game engine technology. Thus we break new ground in the matter of digital development. Continue Reading

Merry Christmas!

Virtuelles Studio GmbH wishes their clients, business partners and employees merry holidays and for the New Year good luck, health and success.

We would like to thank you for your trusting cooperation and we are looking forward to working on new projects in 2017 with you. Continue Reading

Heart’s desires for christmas

Virtuelles Studio GmbH is giving this year’s Christmas donation to a very special social project ─ wünschdirwas e.V. This non-profit association has set itself the task of fulfilling critically ill children‘s and youth‘s heart’s desires in order to make them forget their tough daily routine with their illness for a moment and enjoy life instead. Continue Reading

Peaceful Advent Season

Virtuelles Studio GmbH wishes their clients, business partners, employees and their families a joyful and reflective Advent season. Continue Reading

Calendar management made easy – with our new calendar

The year 2016 is drawing to a close – this is the moment to think about procuring a new calendar for 2017. And we have the perfect solution for you! Just like in the past years we have created new desk and wall calendars in the typical style of Virtuelles Studio GmbH.  Continue Reading

Things are moving – on our new Youtube channel

In the course of our twenty-year-old company history many different videos and animations have been realized in our visualization department. Marketing video for our clients or animation for internal projects – on our Youtube channel you can survey old and new works from our VR studio. Continue Reading

Visit of IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016

Last week we visited IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016 in Hanover and enjoyed the inspiration that we got from looking closely at a wide variety of different vehicles as the best of the best of international manufacturers of commercial vehicles met in Hanover in order to present many novelties. Continue Reading

Custom-made visualization: Audi e-tron quattro concept

Being a professional service provider in the fields of design, CAS/surface and visualization Virtuelles Studio GmbH has already accompanied many different phases of the development of show cars in the past – among others AUDI AG’s “e-tron quattro concept” for Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015.  Continue Reading

Surfacing experts at work

What makes a vehicle successful? A sporty exterior, an economic engine or rather a luxurious massage seat? Virtuelles Studio isn’t able to develop a motor but we know how to do technical surfacing even better. And by handling the complete surfacing process of the interior of new BMW 7 we have definitely proved that we perfectly know our business. Continue Reading

First-hand insights into the usage of CATIA Imagine & Shape on the 3D Experience Platform

In the context of an interview with software manufacturer Dassault Systèmes, our CATIA Imagine & Shape expert Antonio Pezzella describes why he relies on this software in automotive design and furthermore he gives a first-hand report on his experiences with “IMA”. Continue Reading

Now new! Business site on XING

Virtuelles Studio GmbH has a new additional presence on XING – a so-called business site. You can learn more about the company and find many exciting details about our services and daily business. Continue Reading

Virtual Reality à la Virtuelles Studio

Virtual reality is a top issue that appears in the media regularly. Especially in the context of a growing digitalization of industry and trade, virtual reality offers an enormous potential for our clients – and particularly for the automotive industry – which can be exploited with the help of specialized experts like us. Continue Reading

Hottest tips for cool heads – Alias Days 2016

Expanding our software skills, following interesting speeches of experts and users, discussing with specialists and thereby strengthening our expertise in the field of 3D software and design – that was the motto of Virtuelles Studio GmbH for the participation in the Alias Days 2016 of the PRODUCT INNOVATION LOUNGE. Continue Reading

Visit of a “lady”

A real „lady“ has arrived at our studio in Wolfsburg today. The „lady“, as it is fondly called, is the first race vehicle of Schanzer Racing Electric e.V. and was constructed in close cooperation with Virtuelles Studio GmbH. Continue Reading

Studio Wolfsburg: Impossible to miss

Owing to an eye-catching lettering on the face of the building, our studio in Wolfsburg is now much easier to find. Continue Reading

Participation in the Automotive Launch Tour 2016

Quite recently Virtuelles Studio GmbH took part in the Automotive Launch Tour 2016 of software manufacturer Autodesk. This event focused on Autodesk’s special design and visualisation software which is geared to automotive engineering and its particular requirements. As we support many clients from the automotive industry in a wide range of different projects the event was a real enrichment for us. We learned more about new product features and innovations and now we are definitely up to speed. Continue Reading

SRe16 in the spotlight

In the course of an intensive visualisation workshop of several weeks with students of Schanzer Racing Electric e.V. a smart video has been produced. With the help of an informative animation it highlights all components and features of the vehicle of the current season. The video was showcased during the official presentation of the vehicle and by now it is also available online. Continue Reading

Schanzer Racing: A good start to the season

The team of Schanzer Racing Electric e.V. is starting the season 2016 today as they officially present their new vehicle. In the context of an event in the premises of Kulturzentrum neun in Ingolstadt, the guests – family, numerous sponsors and partners – cannot only have a close look at the vehicle but also watch an innovative video that perfectly puts it into spotlight. Continue Reading

Technical surfacing par excellence – interior of BMW i3

Project BMW i3: Technical surfacing is presumed to be the supreme discipline in automotive engineering as this complex process involves the exact realisation of design specifications as well as compliance with requirements of the construction department – a balancing act that does not only require an eye for aesthetics but also technical understanding. Continue Reading

Invitation to CATIA Creative Day in Paris

CATIA Creative Day: In order to be able to keep on meeting demands of discerning clients of the automotive and consumer goods industry in the future it is essential for employees of Virtuelles Studio GmbH to continuously attend trainings to gain more expert knowledge. Therefore we attach great importance to a constant further education which is attained by visiting workshops and relevant events regularly. Continue Reading

Company brochure – now available in our studios

Virtuelles Studio GmbH is pleased to be able to offer a new company brochure to their clients which is available in all studios as of now. The brochure provides information about our numerous high-class services. Convince yourself! Continue Reading

Status report: Workshops with Schanzer Racing

Virtuelles Studio GmbH is supporting Schanzer Racing Electric e.V. in the current season 2016 by hosting specific workshops. Owing to the professional guidance provided by our experts the students have already achieved some promising results in both the design and the visualisation workshop. Continue Reading

Our portfolio at a glance

Our brand-new compact portfolio offers a comprehensive summary of all services of Virtuelles Studio GmbH.
In addition to providing information about the company we bring our core competencies design, CAS/surface and visualisation into focus.

With only one click you can learn more! Continue Reading

Happy Easter!

We would like to wish our clients, business partners as well as employees and their families a happy easter and joyful holidays! Continue Reading

Let’s go for the pole position – cooperation with Schanzer Racing Electric e.V.

Virtuelles Studio GmbH is actively supporting Schanzer Racing Electric e.V. again in 2016. Since 2011 we are a sponsor of this special club which is composed of students and alumni of the university of applied sciences of Ingolstadt. They committed themselves to the subjects electromobility and lightweight construction and they are engineering custom-built vehicles to be able to take part in international events of the so-called Formula Student Electric regularly. Continue Reading

A dynamic start into the new year

Virtuelles Studio GmbH has started the new year with a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm: We are working on new ideas and many exciting projects are straining on the leash. Our designers have also been busy and they have looked into the subject car tuning. The result is a real eye-catcher: Continue Reading

Merry Christmas!

Virtuelles Studio GmbH would like to say thank you to all clients, business partners and employees for the valuable cooperation and the trust you have placed in us. We are wishing you and your families a very merry christmas and a happy new year!

We are looking forward to working together again in 2016! Continue Reading

We are sponsoring christmas presents for Project Engelbaum®

Christmas donation: With regards to social responsibility, Virtuelles Studio GmbH believes that actions speak louder than words. For this reason we have decided to make a substantial donation to Project Engelbaum® this year instead of giving christmas gifts to our business partners. Continue Reading

Visit of Essen Motor Show 2015

Last weekend Virtuelles Studio GmbH visited the preview day of the 48th Essen Motor Show – a week-long event which has become an important date in the event calendar of every car enthusiast. Continue Reading

Joyful christmas season!

Virtuelles Studio GmbH wishes their clients, business partners and employees a very joyful christmas season!

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Now new: More references – more information

There are many new things to see on your website as we have not only added new pictures to our project references but also provided the current version of our company presentation which can be downloaded on our company site. Continue Reading

Secure yourself our calendar 2016 now!

Calendar 2016: Just like in the past few years we have prepared a new calendar following the typical style of Virtuelles Studio GmbH for our clients, partners and employees. Continue Reading

New address of our studio in Wolfsburg

Team Wolfsburg has moved to our new premises: After informing you on a regular basis about the progress of the construction works of our new office building in Wolfsburg on our Facebook page we can now announce the completion of the building and the relocation of our team to our new premises. Continue Reading

Successful participation in “JOBtotal 2015”

Virtuelles Studio GmbH is always searching for well-trained experts. A notable date in this regard was October 14, 2015 as we were taking part in a specialized fair called “JOBtotal 2015” organized by Ingolstadt’s Employment Agency. In order to present ourselves as attractive employer and to get in touch with local skilled workers we had our own booth in the fair. Continue Reading

Source of inspiration

Visit of Frankfurt Motor Show 2015: Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) is one of the most important events of the automotive industry and therefore definitely is a must-see for Virtuelles Studio GmbH. Representatives of the company visited the exhibition last week to get an overview of latest developments and trends in the sector. Continue Reading

Save the date: „JOBtotal 2015“

Participation in job fair „JOBtotal 2015“: As is generally known employees are the key to success and that is why Virtuelles Studio GmbH is always looking for well-trained specialists. In order to reinforce our teams in Ingolstadt, Gaimersheim, Munich and Wolfsburg we are going to take part in the job fair „JOBtotal 2015“ along with many other local companies.
Continue Reading

Our four studios at a glance

We are glad to be able to introduce our modified company page to you: Virtuelles Studio GmbH has complemented their detailed company information with pictures of their four studios. Now you may have a look at current photos of our premises in Ingolstadt, Gaimersheim, Munich and Wolfsburg and thereby get a picture of the places where our employees work with passion and commitment on a great number of interesting projects. Continue Reading

International top team

Internationality is not just an abstract keyword for Virtuelles Studio GmbH but an important part of our business philosophy for the world is literally at home in our studios: Experts from 16 countries are working together in integrated teams in our four studios throughout Germany – from A like Austria to S like Spain. Continue Reading

Interior design of the showcar has started

The current showcar of Virtuelles Studio GmbH will soon provide not only a fancy exterior but also a convincing interior. After finalising the latest renderings of the sporty and elegant exterior our designers have dedicated themselves to the arrangement of the interior room.

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Watch now: our 3D glasses in operation

The official video of the fair CONTACT 2015 is now available. And as you can see Virtuelles Studio GmbH had a great day at CONTACT 2015. We established ties with students attending the university of applied sciences of Ingolstadt and enjoyed the presentation of our 3D glasses with headtracking – a real hub for the visitors. Please check out the official video of the university. There you can see our 3D glasses in operation. Enjoy watching!

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Our “youngster” presents itself

Today we open the doors of our „youngest“ studio in Gaimersheim for you: We would like to give you a first impression and to present the studio to you in more detail. After the opening of the studio in the hotspot Gaimersheim in spring 2015 and the associated extensive equipment of the premises with innovative hardware and software as well as high-quality security facilities an appropriate decoration shouldn’t be missed out. Now the setup of the studio has been completed and we are quite happy about the result.

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New facilities in Wolfsburg

Virtuelles Studio GmbH will be moving to new generous facilities in the year of their 20th anniversary. Construction works of the building, built for the purpose shall be completed by September 2015. The building shell has been finished and one can already anticipate that upon completion the building will provide a highly representative setting for the company.

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New renderings of the showcar

We are very pleased to be able to present you some new projects from our picture creation facilities. This time we have dealt with the surfaces of our current showcar and produced new renderings – with convincing results.

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Our logo appears in a new guise

You will certainly have noticed that our website’s appearance has changed. The page header is now adorned with our new extended logo as we have added a graphic symbol which is actually a registered trademark to our flamboyant lettering.

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Day of encounter

Start your career – sustainably innovative: That was the motto of the 17th edition of the contact fair “CONTACT 2015” organized by the university of applied sciences of Ingolstadt. Virtuelles Studio GmbH also sets value on sustainability in all divisions of the company and especially in personnel policy and this is why we appeared among other notable local companies at Ingolstadt’s Saturn Arena on May 13th 2015 to present our company to students of the university of applied sciences of Ingolstadt or other universities. In the process we spotlighted our services in the areas design, CAS/surface and visualization offered to our international clientele as well as career opportunities in our company.

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Highlight of the fair: demonstration of our 3D glasses

At the fair “CONTACT 2015” of the university of applied sciences in Ingolstadt we are going to present our high-resolution 3D glasses as a special highlight at our booth.

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Follow us now on Google+

Virtuelles Studio GmbH has only recently set up individual Google+ pages for all 4 German sites. Thereby our clients may get in contact with us more easily.

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We are looking for the talents of tomorrow

13th of May 2015 will be a day that is devoted to the encounter of people. Among other considerable companies situated in the region we are taking part in the fair CONTACT 2015 in the Saturn Arena organized by the university of applied sciences of Ingolstadt. Our booth will be the place where we present our company, our services as well as career opportunities. You can also get information about current job offers.

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We see the world with different eyes!

Virtuelles Studio GmbH is relying on their know-how, experience and high-capacity software as factors of succes for 20 years now. Our innovative technical equipment has been extended recently by a special highlight: a pair of high-resolution 3D glasses with headtracking. With the aid of these glasses our clients can see the world with different eyes and they can literally experience their projects.

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Happy Easter!

We wish you and your loved ones a very happy Easter and joyful holidays.

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Our showcar is taking shape

Currently the Virtuelles Studio GmbH is working on the development of a new showcar. We have published a first concept in this regard and the seemingly futuristic design suggests that the final product will be intriguing. New schemes have been completed quite recently and they feature a possible design of the vehicle.
You can see the latest sketches here. All current outlines of our designers are also available on Facebook. We are looking forward to receiving your opinion.

Follow us on LinkedIn

Networking is a buzzword that is essential to modern business management and that provides for new impulses in every company. The Virtuelles Studio GmbH is also pursuing active networking and for these purposes we have added a company profile to the career network LinkedIn.

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New subsidiary will be established on the occasion of the 20th anniversary

20 years of Virtuelles Studio – that does not only mean 20 years of freedom for new ideas but above all a maximum of experience and success in the field of design development. In our studios in Ingolstadt, Wolfsburg, Munich and before long Gaimersheim we unite extensive know-how and innovative software to present high-quality and custom-fit solutions to our demanding clients of the automotive and consumer goods industry.

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Merry Christmas

We would like to say thank you for the trust you have placed in us and the valuable cooperation. We wish you and your family a merry Christmas holiday and a healthy and successful new year.

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(Deutsch) Kalender für 2015 als Download

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calendar 2015

Our new calendar for 2015 are here… Upcoming for download here or personally to pick up in our studios. Continue Reading

Workshop – summer 2014

This year’s workshop was visited again by numerous participants and received a positive response. The program had a wide choice of activities and offered all participants ample opportunities to interact and benefit, the activities offered were very well received and were therefore heavily used. Some of the people were certainly inspired for their future work. Thank you very much to the participants and also to the awesome organizer.
We are already looking forward to seeing you at the workshop in 2015.

Co-operation with CMC GmbH & Co. KG

For the successful completion of the project with the CMC GmbH & Co. KG – Classic Model Cars.
We thank all members for the good and trustful cooperation.

The company CMC GmbH & Co. KG, based in Fellbach is known for its high quality replicas.
Collectors appreciate the models as the best in the industry.

We look forward to our future cooperation!

New Partner

We welcome our new partner
– the leading stock photo agency for landscapes, roads, cityscapes, CGI and much more. Continue Reading

Office News!

New pictures from our office in Ingolstadt new on Facebook!

>> watch it here!

New Website Virtuelles Studio GmbH

New design, enhanced features and improved usability,
this is our new website

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