New facilities in Wolfsburg

Virtuelles Studio GmbH will be moving to new generous facilities in the year of their 20th anniversary. Construction works of the building, built for the purpose shall be completed by September 2015. The building shell has been finished and one can already anticipate that upon completion the building will provide a highly representative setting for the company.

Also the interior construction will enter in its crucial phase soon. The installation of high-quality equipment and extensive security facilities in particular will be carried out with high accuracy to keep on meeting the claims of our clients to the full extent in the future. In addition to that the building offers to our clients and employees a bright and friendly atmosphere, a lot of space to work as well as an inviting coffee lounge. We are looking forward to welcoming our clients to our new company premises shortly. Of course we will continue informing you about the construction progress. On our Facebook page you may retrieve pictures of the construction site.