Schanzer Racing: A good start to the season

The team of Schanzer Racing Electric e.V. is starting the season 2016 today as they officially present their new vehicle. In the context of an event in the premises of Kulturzentrum neun in Ingolstadt, the guests – family, numerous sponsors and partners – cannot only have a close look at the vehicle but also watch an innovative video that perfectly puts it into spotlight. This video has been prepared during a visualisation workshop of several weeks with Virtuelles Studio GmbH. Under the direction of our experts the students have produced a video that will be used for different presentations of the Schanzer Racing team in the future.

During the visualisation workshop all engineering data has been collected and treated in order to generate an interactive film which resembles a configurator. It delivers information about the vehicle’s components and gives the opportunity to piece the parts together after one’s fancy so as to create an individual version of SRe16.

The students have shown a lot of commitment and enormous passion for the project and this is clearly visible in the result: The video captivates with a real love of detail and many smart interactive elements. Owing to the comprehensive support of our experts a high-quality film has been created that sets the team apart from other participants of Formula Student Electric. We are very happy about this well worth seeing conclusion of the visualisation workshop and we are anxious to see what the outcome of our other workshop will be.

Our design workshop with Schanzer Racing started a few weeks ago and primarily concerns the new vehicle for the season 2017. In cooperation with our designer the students have already developed a design and now the team is checking its technical feasibility. As soon as the design is finally approved Virtuelles Studio GmbH will assist Schanzer Racing in creating all necessary CAD data.

The video in full length will follow shortly. Then you may create your personal version of SRe16.

Pictures and impressions of the event are available on our Facebook page.

Please visit our newsroom if you are interested in learning more about our cooperation!

We congratulate the team of Schanzer Racing on a generally successful vehicle and wish them a triumphant season 2016!