Status report: Workshops with Schanzer Racing

Virtuelles Studio GmbH is supporting Schanzer Racing Electric e.V. in the current season 2016 by hosting specific workshops. Owing to the professional guidance provided by our experts the students have already achieved some promising results in both the design and the visualisation workshop.

In cooperation with our designer the students have developed all visible surfaces of the new vehicle SRe17 for the upcoming season and subsequently the construction team of Schanzer Racing has had a close look at the drafts. Now they have to check the technical feasibility to make sure that the strict requirements of Formula Student Electric will be met and that all internal technical specifications can be implemented in the new design. As soon as the design is finally approved Virtuelles Studio GmbH will assist Schanzer Racing in creating all necessary CAD data.

The visualisation workshop is also progressing. Some sequences of the video have been finished and the students work very hard on the completion of the video which is intended to be showcased at the official presentation of the vehicle in May 2016.

You can find pictures of the workshops on our Facebook page. Of course we will keep you informed about our cooperation with Schanzer Racing.

Workshop_Schanzer_Design6         Workshop_Schanzer_Visu3