Surfacing experts at work

What makes a vehicle successful? A sporty exterior, an economic engine or rather a luxurious massage seat? Virtuelles Studio isn’t able to develop a motor but we know how to do technical surfacing even better. And by handling the complete surfacing process of the interior of new BMW 7 we have definitely proved that we perfectly know our business.

But why is the surfacing process of a vehicle such a challenging task and why does it require a lot of experience and know-how? The answer is quite easy: Because the visual appearance of all visible surfaces and the integration of technical components play equal roles. In short, requirements of both the design and the technical department have to be united in so-called class a surfaces. Only experts who have a straight-forward approach to style and who have a good understanding of technology are able to master this assignment – and this applies to the specialists of Virtuelles Studio GmbH.

The interior of new BMW 7 does not only reflect our extensive know-how but also the amount of passion that we do our business with. Each surface, each radius and each tiny detail was developed with high diligence and the result is a harmonic interior that inspires car enthusiasts all over the world. We are obviously experts in our business and that’s why our clients have been relying on our proficiency for more than 20 years.

You are convinced of our skills and you would like to profit from our enormous know-how and our long years of experience? Of course we would like to take care of your next design, CAS/surface or visualization project.
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Surfacing process for new BMW 7