Invitation to CATIA Creative Day in Paris

CATIA Creative Day: In order to be able to keep on meeting demands of discerning clients of the automotive and consumer goods industry in the future it is essential for employees of Virtuelles Studio GmbH to continuously attend trainings to gain more expert knowledge. Therefore we attach great importance to a constant further education which is attained by visiting workshops and relevant events regularly.

But only recently we have switched roles – instead of learning from experts we were the ones who shared our expertise with other specialists and who imparted knowledge to them. Our employee and CATIA Image&Shape key user Antonio Pezzella has been invited by software producer Dassault Systèmes (DSS) to visit the CATIA Creative Day in Paris so as to give the present select specialist audience a lecture on the application spectrum of the software in automotive design. In the context of the speech he described lots of practical examples.

Another personal highlight of the event was his exclusive opportunity to test the new version CATIA R26 with the development team. This was in particular a major honor as our employee has suggested numerous features that have been realized successfully now. In an expert talk he presented further ideas which are intended to be made reality in a future update.

We are very pleased that our employee has actively had a hand in the advancement of the software and that the update does now contain tools that are adapted to our specialist needs. That way we can execute future projects of highest quality even more efficiently.

Please follow this link to get more information from the organiser of the event.

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