We see the world with different eyes!

Virtuelles Studio GmbH is relying on their know-how, experience and high-capacity software as factors of succes for 20 years now. Our innovative technical equipment has been extended recently by a special highlight: a pair of high-resolution 3D glasses with headtracking. With the aid of these glasses our clients can see the world with different eyes and they can literally experience their projects.

The glasses include a headtracking function which transfers the movement of the head of the carrier into the picture so as to create a movement there. This is how a realistic impession is simulated. By only turning the head slightly you may see an object like for example a vehicle from the inside or outside or see a panorama from left to right through the glasses. Thereby a unique feeling of diving into a sheer virtual world is created where details are perceived much more intensively and where the correct perspective of the object can be shown. The basis of three dimensional pictures are enormous and highly complex data records therfore a systematic and thorough preparation is neccessary to add further effects like sounds or actions within the picture. Our clients profit from the expertise of our specialists for they know the glasses perfectly as well as the depiction of fascinating visual imagery involved.