We are sponsoring christmas presents for Project Engelbaum®

Christmas donation: With regards to social responsibility, Virtuelles Studio GmbH believes that actions speak louder than words. For this reason we have decided to make a substantial donation to Project Engelbaum® this year instead of giving christmas gifts to our business partners. By doing so we will see to it that poor and underprivileged children from all parts of Germany will receive an individual christmas present so that they may forget their difficult living conditions for a short time.

For many families it is normal to enjoy a festive meal or to open presents underneath a beautifully decorated christmas tree. Unfortunately there are still many parents, even in a developed country like Germany, who have to cope with stressful circumstances and who are not able to buy a christmas present for their children. These are the children that we would like to offer a little hope and happiness by putting a small surprise under their christmas tree. We are sure that such a present does not only enrich the person who receives it but also us who give it. Nothing in this world is more precious than the happy smile of a child, and children are our future after all. We take this responsibility very seriously.

Project Engelbaum® represents the interests of poor children all over Germany. Parents or single parents can apply for a christmas present for their children and then their need will be checked by so-called “guardian angels”, a network consisting of social workers, members of social institutions for example women’s refuges and volunteers. They will make sure that our donation and consequently every present reaches those needy children. For this reason we are pleased to bring a little happiness to those children in need.
You can also be a donor of christmas presents!

Here you find more information about the project.