The inner values count

According to a well-known saying only the inner values count. This also applies to the automotive industry as the interior of a vehicle is of particular significance. However, the functionality of a car is just as important as the look and feel. In order to make sure that both aspects are met many experts work hand in hand to achieve the best result. Of course this was also the case during the development of the new MINI Countryman.

Virtuelles Studio GmbH has participated intensively in the creation of the vehicle: We have handled the complete surfacing process of the interior of the MINI Countryman and in doing so we have proven once more that technical surfacing is not just our passion, but also our specialty. The development of all visible surfaces requires technical understanding, good sense of aesthetics as well as great diligence to ensure that all specifications from the design and technical departments are brought together in Class A surfaces. And by now you can see the result of our expertise in Class A surfacing with ICEM Surf and Alias on the road.

We are very proud that we had the opportunity to show our enormous know-how in the field of technical surfacing once more. This prestigious project is the best proof that we are an ideal partner for product development particularly in the automotive industry and that we are perfectly able to complete even very complex and demanding projects successfully.

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Technical surfacing of the interior of the new MINI Countryman