Modelling without borders

In the field of modelling, Virtuelles Studio GmbH has been using softwares like Maya or Rhino for many years in order to achieve high-quality results. Now we are going one step further.

Only recently a special plugin has been published that gives you the possibility to make use of both programs in combination with VR goggles and suitable controllers ─ you can literally model without borders in a virtual scene. The operating principle of the plugin is as simple as it is ingenious. Instead of managing the functions of the software by mouse and keyboard the plugin enables the controllers of the VR goggles to navigate within the software and thereby replaces the conventional control of the software. The user is now able to interact directly with the computer.

We also test this “new kind of modelling” and we are looking forward to benefit from the chances of virtual reality and to use it in an even more target-oriented way in our daily business.

Modelling with Maya or Rhino and VR goggles with controllers