Premiere in Wolfsburg

Attending Automotive Launch Tour 2017 in Wolfsburg was a very special experience for our colleagues from Wolfsburg: They did not only have the chance to get first-hand insights into the latest improvements of the Alias software from the house of Autodesk but were also witnessing the launch of a brand new version of the VRED software ─ a real premiere and we were so to speak experiencing it live and for real.

Of course many other exciting topics and demonstrations awaited our colleagues, for example the workflow Alias – Sketchbook – VRED. But as we are particularly interested in strengthening our competences in the field of virtual reality, one of our highlights was the demonstration of the so-called “stream-based design collaboration”. Several users may see the same VR scene and interact in it using their VR goggles. No matter if a person’s computer is in a different room, city or even continent ─ they can work together easily which simplifies the process of decision making enormously. This development is very attractive for our clients because the collaboration with experts around the world does literally have no more borders and thereby they can save time and money in the development process.

We thank the organizers for a very practical and helpful event and we will for sure include all new tips and tricks in our daily business.