Visit of Automotive Launch Tour 2017 in Munich

Virtuelles Studio GmbH has attended Autodesk’s Automotive Launch Tour 2017 in Munich and thereby has got a very good overview of current tools and product novelties from the house of Autodesk.

As a professional user of the software we have enthusiastically seized the opportunity to obtain valuable first-hand information as well as many tips and tricks particularly for the usage of VR goggles.

Especially the VR demos were very interesting for us as we are also working on settling virtual reality in our daily business. We had the chance to witness how a realistic model of a vehicle has been intersected and how a driving simulator has been operated by using VR goggles. Furthermore the organizer showed how you can model in a virtual room wearing VR goggles and thereby create objects.

We really enjoyed taking part in the event and especially in seeing very noteworthy VR demos and of course we will keep on following the developments in this very exciting field.

Automotive-Launch-Tour-2017-Muenchen_Vortrag     Automotive-Launch-Tour-2017-Muenchen_Virtual-Reality