Virtual reality at record speed

Virtuelles Studio GmbH’s visit of FMX 2017 was a great stimulus for us to deal even more intensively with our VR goggles Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Many ideas and suggestions that we got from the event helped us to achieve our target.

We have independently improved the functionality and performance of both of our VR goggles essentially and in particular we have notably increased the speed of data processing which means that we are capable of transferring even comprehensive data of digital models from our CAD software to our VR goggles within only few minutes. This enables us to display the current completion status of an object especially quickly. Thereby we can visualize short-term changes for our clients by using VR goggles so they can see optimizations within only few minutes in high output quality. This visual support definitely helps our clients to make decisions more easily and much quicker.

Furthermore we can display a model in very high resolution providing a distinct level of details ─ for example fine textures or many different kinds of materials ─ within only few hours. Another highlight: While the user of the VR goggles looks at an object in a virtual room, other project members can see the virtual scene on a high-resolution screen ─ a benefit for all participants.

You would like to convince yourself? Then please contact us so we can arrange a demonstration of our VR goggles HTC Vive or Oculus Rift for you.

Woman wearing VR goggles, HTML code in the background